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BIO 493 - Biology Senior Capstone

Key Resources for doing a Literature Review in Biology Senior Capstone

Explore whether full-text might be linked from Google Scholar

Through a movement called "open access," an increasing number of freely accessible scholarly articles are linked from Google Scholar including some that may not be identified as full-text via PubMed. Before placing an interlibrary loan request for an article, check to see if it might be linked via Google Scholar.

To explore full-text availability via Google Scholar try searching the first several words of the article title -- enough words to target the article --  putting them within quotation marks ("....") so that the exact phrase is searched. Adding an author(s) last names outside of the title words in quotation will further focus the search.

Journal Finder

The Journal Finder is the essential tool for determining journals available in print or online through Zondervan. Please note that you search Journal Finder with the TITLE OF THE JOURNAL not the title of the article.

The Journal Finder is also linked from the Library's home page -- left margin:

Interlibrary Loan

●  Interlibrary loan is a service through which the Library obtains for you copies of articles, books, etc. from other libraries.  Articles are delivered to you electronically, usually within 2-6 days.

● To generate an interlibrary loan request, create your personal account via ILLiad:

ILLiad Logon Page

● Note that you can create an interlibrary loan request from the WorldCat Research Station. 

   1) Go to the WorldCat Research Station.

   2) Search the article you've identified.  (E.g., do a title search like this ti:Exploiting cell surface thiols to enhance cellular uptake. Such a search will take you to this record:

   3) From there, scroll down to the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" tab.  After you log in, this will populate the interlibrary loan request form.  Review the information, then "Submit."

Here's a tip.  Before making an interlibrary loan request, see if the article may be available through linked full-text via Google Scholar (in the right margin of the citation). Of course, if you've found the article through a Google Scholar search you should  already know that.