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Library Policies

Covers Library policies from lending periods to fines to community borrowers and more.

Special Library Collections

The Library houses a few very specialized collections that are non-circulating, meaning they cannot be checked out and therefore must be used within the Library or University Archives, as specified below.

Ayres Collection

This collection collects and preserves library materials of special interest to the Taylor community and/or materials that are of extraordinary value.

Items in this collection must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Written, edited, or produced by Taylor constituents.

  2. Content is about Taylor constituents.

  3. Materials that are of extraordinary value either because they are rare or because the cost or nature of the material requires special handling or protection.

The Ayres Collection is housed in the University Archives, located across from the Library's main entrance, and is a non-circulating collection.

C.S. Lewis & Friends (Brown Collection)

The Center for the Study of C.S. Lewis and Friends seeks to facilitate and encourage the reading and study of 

The focal point of the Center is the Brown Collection, located in the lower level of the Zondervan Library, which consists of first editions, letters, manuscripts, photographs, and other items relating to the above authors. It has been labeled the third largest C.S. Lewis collection in the world.

Items on Reserve

From time to time, professors put materials on Reserve in the Library in order to allow an entire class to view the same material. 

  • Ask for Reserve materials at the Check Out desk

  • Items are shelved under professor's last name
  • Reserves cannot leave Library premises
  • Loan periods for Reserves are 3-hours only

Fines for overdue Reserves are $0.25/ hour.

University Archives

The University Archives, located across the Galleria from the Zondervan Library entrance, documents the heritage of Taylor University through appraising, collecting, organizing, describing, preserving, and providing access to University records that reflect the academic, administrative, artistic, athletic, recreational, and spiritual activities of Taylor's faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

The Archives also houses several special collections (including the Ayres Collection) that can be viewed within the Archives only.