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Grant & Funding Resources

Taylor University offers quite a few tools to assist you in the grant-discovery and grant-writing process. The Foundation Center's Funding Information Network provides several databases and the Office of Sponsored Programs offers SpinPlus.

Foundation Directory Guides

Use the following guides to enhance your searching ability using the Foundation Directory Online (FDO).

While you will find useful, but limited capabilities in searching the FDO Free version, the Professional edition--provided to you by the Zondervan Library--will greatly enhance your ability to connect with the best potential grantmakers. Stop by the Ask desk for access.


Understanding the Terminology & Categories

This page explains which categories are best to search based on your needs. Do you want to know who is receiving benefits of a grant--search the Population Served category. Or, what type of organization gave the gift--search Organization Type. Or what topic received funding?--search Subject. This page covers a great deal more to help you understand how the information is organized in the Foundation Center's tools.


Using the Terminology

The Foundation Directory Online (FDO) provides multiple indices of area-specific categories. These are options you may want to review prior to beginning your research.


FDO Help (with Tutorials and much more)

On this page of the Foundation Directory Online web site, you will find tips and tricks for searching, videos demonstrating specific aspects of the databases, and documents outlining how to best utilize the search indices.