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Yearbooks: Taylor University - Upland Yearbooks


Searching & Saving


1.  Enter a catalog by clicking on the corresponding year.

2.  Click the small, white magnifying glass to the RIGHT of the document to search within that catalog.  DO NOT click on the large search box with magnifying glass inside, as this will search the entire Internet Archive, not the specific yearbook you clicked.        

3.  In the "Search Inside" box, type your search term (e.g., ENG110)

4.  Search results will appear below the document in orange balloons along a timeline.  Hover over a balloon to see a preview of the search term and surrounding text.  Click on the balloon to view the page.  


1.  Right-click the page you wish to save.  The pages are saved as images so selecting text is not an option.

2.  TO SAVE - Click "Save image as" to save the page as a JPEG file.  

      TO SEND - Click "Copy image URL" to copy the direct link to the page and then paste it into an email or document.




Yearbooks were published every other year with the exception of 1916.