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ENG 110 - Expository Writing

This guide provides resources to support the Expository Writing course and assignments.

Sample Works Cited

Works Cited

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**This Works Cited page was excerpted from a Sample Paper provided by the MLA Style Center.

Zotero - Create Citations Quickly

Zotero is a free online tool that allows you to

  • collect citations from Library resources and the web
  • organize them by course or project, etc.
  • create citations individually or entire bibliographies at once
  • utilize a Word addon that ties Zotero and your paper/project together, citing directly from the software

The tool works with:

  • PCs
  • Macs

And is supported by the following browsers

  • Firefox
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  • Safari

Over 8,000 citation styles are available to choose for your bibliography!

Find tons of help in their extensive Documentation section, including: