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ENG 110 - Expository Writing

This guide provides resources to support the Expository Writing course and assignments.

How Do I Prepare for Gathering Sources?

Step 1

  • Start by developing a Research Question that requires an answer more complex than a simple yes / no.

Sample research question


Step 2

  • First, pull out the most important keywords from your question. From above: Syria, migrant, crisis, challenge, immigration policies
  • Next, determine what related terms you can use while searching, before you actually need them, so you don't get stalled as you begin.

Some terms will work more effectively in certain databases and not in others, which is why developing this list is key prior to beginning the search process.
Brainstorming keywords before searching

What Kinds of Sources Do I Need?

Professors require different kinds of sources for each research project. Be sure you understand what's expected for your particular assignment. These are potential options, among others not listed.

Source Types Examples