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Copyright & Fair Use

Introduction to Copyright & Fair Use Guide

Understanding copyright and fair use is not straightforward or easy. Within higher education - teaching, research, scholarship, and creative work - copyright-related questions often relate to understanding fair use and applying related principles. Before you can make an informed determination about Fair Use, you need to have some basic understanding of copyright. Determination of fair use rests on a case-by-case analysis and determination by the person seeking to make fair use of copyrighted content.

This guide does not give you answers to whether a specific use of copyrighted content is fair use or not. You must make that decision. The guide seeks to provide information and guidelines for helping you to make an informed decision about fair use.

This guide does not provide you with legal advice.

For further information, contact Dan Bowell (, University Librarian.

Basics of Copyright

To get started, here is a short video produced by the Copyright Clearance Center that covers Copyright Basics in an animated, light-hearted manner.