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MKT 460 - Consumer Behavior

This is a guide to support the consulting project as part of MKT 460

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This guide is designed to provide a central location for identifying resources: books, eBooks, articles, financial information and related research for your project.

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The Assignment


This project is designed with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Observe consumer behavior theory and practice in a real world situation
  2. Apply the consumer behavior decision process as a part of marketing strategy
  3. Develop teamwork skills (a “must have” for any marketer)
  4. Develop written and oral communication skills and ability to think critically and creatively

Project Deliverables

Key deliverables for the term case project include a client report, client presentation, peer evaluation, and individual reflection.


1.      The Report will provide a written summary of the complete term case project. A detailed outline of what is expected is available as an attachment to this memo. The report should be written for the client and in a manner that easily demonstrates how your efforts have leveraged your understanding of consumer behavior to develop strong, innovative, and actionable recommendations (based on customer and industry research). The goal will be to deliver value that will enhance the brand’s growth by not only solidifying credibility and attractiveness among its current consumer base, but also positioning it well in the minds of all stakeholders. Clients (typically not professionals in this area) want to see answers presented in an easy-to-understand format; thus, you should present answers in a way that allows you to best communicate the information (using graphs, charts, figures, text, etc. as appropriate). You are required to submit one Draft Report prior to submitting the preliminary report. The purpose of the draft report is for us to connect to discuss your work and ensure you are providing maximum value to the client. There is not a grade, nor a due date assigned to the draft report. The date of submission should be determined by the group. When you are ready, please e-mail me (cc all team members) an electronic copy of your draft report and include a list of questions and/or comments for consideration. I will review your work, provide feedback, and meet with the team to discuss. A Preliminary Report is due during the last week of class (see syllabus). I will grade the preliminary report, provide feedback on how to improve it, and allow each group to improve its grade by revising the report. The Final Report is due at the time of the Client Presentation during final exam week (see syllabus).

2.      The Client Presentation should be 15 minutes in length (not including time for questions), utilize multi-media whenever possible, follow the basic outline of the report, and be interesting to the audience. You should practice the presentation multiple times as no notes may be used during the presentation.  Presentation rule 101: know thy material. J  The delivery methodology is up to you—be creative!

Prior to the Client Presentation (a.) post an electronic copy of the report and presentation material on Bb, (b.) e-mail to the client (“cc” Dr. Hirschy on this message) a word of thanks for the client’s partnership this semester and attach an electronic copy of your report and presentation material to this e-mail, (c.) prepare and bring two printed copies of your report and presentation material with you to class the day of the client presentation.

3.      The Peer Evaluation will be conducted for all group members. You will be asked to estimate the proportion of each member’s contributions to the overall project. While no points will be specifically allocated to the peer evaluation, if it is clear that one or more members contributed significantly less to the project than did other team members, their project grades will be adjusted downward accordingly. (i.e. It is possible that one group member could receive a grade of a C or D, while other group members receive an A.) Otherwise, identical grades will be assigned for all group members on all aspects of the project.

4.      Individual Reflection strengths experiential learning activities. Therefore, each member of your team will submit an individual reflection that will allow you to a) demonstrate your understanding of consumer behavior, b) reflect on its significance, and c) discuss its application. In other words, the goal of this deliverable is for you to identify and reflect on the What?, So What?, and Now What?