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PWR 215 - The Writer's Craft

This guide is designed to assist students in PWR 215 and the assignments for that class.

Introduction to PWR 215

This guide is designed to help you complete the research assignment and to locate resources relevant to PWR 215.

Research Assignment

Research Assignment for PWR 215

Select an established writer.  Find out what that writer has said about his/her own work and/or what advice he/she has given about writing.  (Sources might include letters, lectures, interviews, essays & books on writing, biographies.)

Summarize what this writer has to say about writing effectively.

Read a novel by this writer paying attention to what the writer does well.

Write a 3-4 page paper that summarizes what you learned from the author about the writer’s craft and discusses how the novel you read represents the author’s advice and skill.  Include a bibliography that cites three or more sources (including the novel).

Give a five minute presentation to the class that delineates what you learned from the writer you selected.  Provide your classmates with 10 bullet points of advice on writing.

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